The Ultimate Deadpool 2 Costume Guide

Deadpool has successfully broken the stereotype by becoming everybody’s favorite anti-hero rather than a superhero. Although, Deadpool was already popular in the Marvel comics for quite a long time, yet the popularity grew even further with the release of first standalone Deadpool movie in 2016. As you all may know that the movie did a tremendous business on the box office which prompted the makers to release its second part as well.
Deadpool 2 hit the cinemas in May 2018, in which our favorite Wade Wilson played more of a superhero rather than an anti-hero. However, the costume of Deadpool 2 remained the same as it was in the first part. In this blog we are going to give an the ultimate Deadpool 2 costume guide, to help you pull off the Marvel look as flawlessly as Ryan Reynolds did in the movie.


1. Deadpool Mask

To pull off a complete deadpool, the mask is necessary, without which the overall look of deadpool 2 costume is incomplete. You got to purchase the mask which looks similar to the one deadpool has worn in the movie or you
can also make the deadpool mask yourself.

2. Deadpool 2 Costume Jacket

The deadpool 2 jacket is an essential component to complete the look of your favorite anti-hero. The deadpool 2 costume jacket is prepared with soft genuine leather to elevate the entire look. This jacket provides you a chance to flaunt yourself as the deadpool 2 character.

3. Deadpool 2 Costume Pants

To complete the look of your favorite Marvel character deadpool 2, you have to pair up the deadpool jacket precisely with the deadpool 2 costume pants. Paired with the deadpool jacket and mask, these deadpool 2 costume pants give you the perfect movie alike realistic appearance with the seamless patches on it.

4.The Deadpool Belt

All the little detailing on the superheroes’ costumes elevates the entire look of the costume. That is why pairing the deadpool belt along with the deadpool jacket or any of the deadpool costume’s merchandise is extremely essential.

5.Deadpool Boots

The deadpool boots are an important element to ample the ultimate deadpool 2 costume as no look is complete without the shoes. So, if you want to imitate the realistic deadpool 2 look then ditch your normal pair of shoes and tie your costume together with Deadpool boots.

6.Deadpool Gloves

The deadpool 2 gloves are basically the combination of both red and black colors, which he wore in the movie. The deadpool gloves not only will help you to complete the costume and look but will also let your hands stay warm and give you a better grasp.  

7.Deadpool Sword Backpack

The Deadpool’s sword backpack is the favorite accessory and a fashion statement of the deadpool character which he uses to fight with his enemies. That is why without the deadpool sword backpack your costume will be incomplete.

8.Tactical Leg holsters

The tactical leg holsters are another costume component that you need to get for completing the ultimate deadpool look. Wade Wilson uses leg holsters to place the weapons inside it and grab those weapons with ease and smoothness.

9.Airsoft pistols

Despite of the katanas deadpool uses other weapons too like the airsoft pistols, knives and grenades. The airsoft pistols are places inside the leg holsters on each leg to complete the ultimate deadpool 2 costume look.

10.Knife Wrap for leg

The knife wrap on the leg of deadpool is also quite noticeable, which he uses to keep the knife safely on his legs to grab the knife easily whenever he wants to use it for fighting or self-defense. This knife wrap for leg will also allow you to go for a realistic deadpool look.

11.Rubber Knife

Obviously the knife wrap of deadpool would be of no use if there is no knife placed inside it. This knife is also essential to complete your ultimate deadpool 2 costume look and to keep in mind your safety concern ahead, it is important to place a rubber knife in the wrap for leg in order to avoid any harm caused by the real knife.


So, this is the ultimate guide of the deadpool 2 costume with each and every detail. By following which you will become deadpool 2 super hero and will look exactly the same as deadpool.

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