Dust the jacket with a gentle brush

Guide To Clean a Leather Jacket

A real leather jacket is definitely the most important part of your wardrobe which never goes out of style. However, to Clean a leather jacket can be daunting. As they do require a little more effort to look fresh than your other outerwear. If your jacket is dirty or dull, there are some fast and easy ways to clean and treat it that will leave it looking new for a long time to come.

Follow the given instructions:

Almost all leather jackets sold in stores include a tag describing how to clean the jacket .The manufacturer will have provided specifications according to the type and grain of leather, and any important warnings. In most cases, the manufacturer will suggest a preferred cleaning method. It’s a good idea to stick to this in order to avoid ruining your jacket.

1.Dust the jacket with a gentle brushclean a leather jacket

If your leather jacket has been left in the closet for a while, it may need dusting. To avoid scuffing or damaging the leather, use a dry cotton cloth, nubuck cloth, or camel hair brush.

2.Avoid putting in washing machine

clean a leather jacket

Never wash a leather garment in a washing machine or washtub with other of your cloths. It may completely ruin your expensive jacket by making it shrink, crack, and warp.

3.Use vinegar and water solution

clean a leather jacket

To clean leather, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and wipe the jacket. You can also make a cleaning solution of one part vinegar to one part water. Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution. Dry the jacket with a towel. 

4.Use alcohol to remove ink stains 

clean a leather jacket

Plain old rubbing alcohol (also called Isopropyl alcohol if you’re looking for it in the store) should help remove ink stains from smooth leather—but don’t try this on suede, which is best left for a professional dry cleaner.

5.Ammonia is the enemy of leather

Use vinegar and water solution

Never use ammonia- or bleach-based cleaners to clean leather. They can damage the finish and cause the leather to get excessively dry or even crack. Don’t use too much water, either, as it can stain leather.

6.Clean spill immediately

Use alcohol to remove ink stains

Don’t let the spill dry on your leather jacket. Rather clean it immediately with a soft cloth. Leather is porous and will absorb liquids, causing a stain to form. Leather can also scratch, so keep sharp objects away from it. 

7.Conditioning is essential

Conditioning is essential

Your hair needs proper conditioning after wash, so your leather jacket does. As it can dry and crack after cleaning, which is why conditioning becomes essential. Leather conditioners are easily available and you can use it to refresh the leather.

8.Let your leather “breathe”

Can opt for Dry clean

Leather will last longer if exposed to dry air, especially a light draft. Never store leather inside a plastic bag or underneath plastic sheeting. When storing leather in a bag temporarily, open the bag whenever convenient to expose it to the air.

9.Can opt for Dry clean

Dry cleaning is one’s last resort, and is usually the only way out to get rid of stains. However, avoid dry cleaning as far as possible, as it tends to remove the jacket’s patina. Always ask whether the dry cleaner knows how to treat the type of leather and stain before handing your jacket over. If storing leather long-term, dry clean it first to remove any pests and odors. This reduces the chance of pests attacking your jacket, but check your storage regularly for pests if possible


Your leather jacket is usually a costly investment but it can last for many, many years if given proper care. So, if you want to keep your jacket in good condition, you’ll have to care for the material by keeping the above tips in your mind. As these not only keep your jacket fresh for a long time but will prevent you to spend unnecessarily money buying a leather jacket every year.

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