Halloween the very famous holiday which is celebrated around the globe in different countries, Where people and mostly best children halloween costumes dress up in frightening costumes and wear masks and roam around collecting candies from the neighbourhood.   What is Halloween Every Year on the night on 31 October, People celebrate Halloween, which is the evening before the Christen Holy Day of "All Hallows Day" which is also known as "All Saints Day" on 1 November and "All Souls Day" on [...]

Logan The Final Sequel

Logan The Final Sequel Movie 2017 Logan The Final Sequel Movie American Superhero Logan The Final Sequel Movie 2017 is a American Superhero movie that features the Marvel Character Wolverine. In the final sequel of James Mangold's Wolverine 3, which was officially titled as LOGAN The Final Sequel. The movie sequel is based around Old Man Logan, the fans will also find a much different Wolverine character played by Hugh Jackman than fans are accustomed to. So It's the Year 2029, Mutants births [...]