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Logan The Final Sequel Movie 2017

Logan The Final Sequel Movie 2017

Logan The Final Sequel Movie American Superhero

Logan The Final Sequel Movie 2017 is a American Superhero movie that features the Marvel Character Wolverine.

In the final sequel of James Mangold’s Wolverine 3, which was officially titled as LOGAN The Final Sequel. The movie sequel is based around Old Man Logan, the fans will also find a much different Wolverine character played by Hugh Jackman than fans are accustomed to.

So It’s the Year 2029, Mutants births are extremely rare and the reason behind this is undisclosed, The Mutants are on the brink of Extinction, and now their population has shrunk significantly. It’s been 25 years since no new Mutants have been born.

James the Logan Wolverine Movie has now Aged greatly and is very sick, his powers are now unreliable and not work at all sometimes. The Adamantium that’s been fused to his bones is now poisoning him and has affected his self-healing power and made him weak. His body is now fighting a race against time from some sort of sickness. Logan has now Completely surrendered himself to Alcohol, the absurd amount of Liquor that he is consuming is not helping him in any way.

Logan carries two allies Xavier and Caliban and attempts to hide them from the world in an old place on the Mexican border, Professor X or Xavier also know in the movie as Charles Francis played by Patrick Stewart who is now extremely old and his powers are now totally unstable and in addition to unstable condition and power failure, he is also mentally unfit and his memory and mind is fading, at times he doesn’t even remember who Logan is, he’s mostly to confused and goes through Seizures, Professor X is now carried by Logan and Caliban. Logan has earned a living as a Chauffeur and is now driving around in a 2024 Chrysler 300 limo that’s been Customised.

Logan The Final Sequel Movie 2017

In this dark and hopeless time, Xavier finds a ray of light and a Young female mutant named Laura Kinney arrives.

Laura is indeed a young Mutant and has similar power as wolverine but has two claws instead of three similar to those of Logan. But dark forces were never far behind.

There is a Government Organization that’s Called “Transigen”, that Experimenting on Mutant DNA and creating young new mutants just to turn them into fatal Soldiers, they are also secretly working on a weapon, a sort of mutant that they will create that has no soul. That new Mutant is just like wolverine but more powerful then wolverine, that mutant is a killing machine.

Laura was also a part of Transigen’s program but she successfully escaped and a woman who was once part of that program helped her and send her with Logan to reach a safe spot for young mutants.

The Transigen didn’t give up that easy and tracked Logan hideout where he kept Xavier and Caliban in search of the Laura, and took Caliban as a prisoner, with no choice but to run Logan had to take Xavier and Laura and get as far away as possible. But the dark forces soon find them, the new mutant kills Xavier and tries to take the Laura, Logan puts up a fight but soon realises he is no match for him. Caliban Sacrifices his life in a desperate attempt to destroy the dark force. Laura and Logan escape finally reach a point where to Logan’s surprise were a few more young Mutants that have successfully escaped.

In the final Attempt to reach the border and get to the save point a huge fight takes place, Logan gives a Heroic and Ultimate Sacrifice and fights the mutants till his last breath to save the Young Mutants. In the end, Laure shoots the other Mutant in the head and ends it all.

This final sequel puts an end to the legend of the wolverine and this legacy of Logan finally comes to a heartwarming stop.

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